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Women Panchayat Leaders’ distress for Food security situation

November 27, 2009: Where does the rice earmarked for the poor people of the state go? Why it is not available in the PDS shops? Why it is sold in a price higher than the actual price? What kind of people are they who take away the rice from the poor and purchase car, construct their houses in expensive cities, live a luxurious life and build disproportionate wealth?

Hand washing Day Celebration

October 27th 2009: “Do you wash your hand with soap before touching any food item?” this is a question floating all over the state today. The unfortunate message is that every minute two children die in our country because of diarrhea and respiratory infection. The fortunate message is that we could control this fatality just by bringing a small change in our behavior.

Elected Women Representatives of Panchayat need protection from domestic violence

Jorhat 31st July' 09  Few kilometers from Jorhat Town, along the 37th National highway, Kaliapani Block is situated. Location wise the block has easy access to the modern amenities. Good road communication, above average literacy, better economic status by virtue of proximity to the Jorhat market, ever improving health services and many more advantages has manifested this Block Panchayat as a fortunate one. However, status of women here is in question.

Urban Local Body Election Watch in Assam

Guwahati, July 29, 2009: North East Social Trust (NEST) a partner of National Election Watch (NEW) Campaign, has been monitoring the candidates for 2009 Urban Local Body Election to be held on 31st July 2009 covering 70 numbers of Town Committees and Municipality Boards of Assam. In these Urban Local Body Election total 673 wards of the state will face election where 29 constituencies are reserved for SC, 34 for SC Women, 5 for ST, 5 for ST women and 212 wards for general women.

Pre Summer AMMA Sports

Just after finishing the half-yearly examination on 25th Jun., Annual School Day was observed at AMMA from 27th Jun.09 to 30th Jun.’09. On 27th outdoor games like race, potato race, relay, ‘paar-pani’, music chair & tug-of-war were conducted. Paar-pani is a traditional game of intelligence and concentration with fun making. All most all the students participated in those games. It was not only parents, but many villagers of various age groups used to be a part of the games by viewing, supporting and standing next to them.


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