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Sewing for Change

Ten women of Bokakhat Subdivision of Golaghat district have gathered in NEST office to bring about a change to their life by Sewing. These 10 women are from those families living out of less than a dollar income a day. Government of India recognizes them as Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

These women are being trained at Kaziranga Office of NEST and equipped with 3 different new avenues of income around a Sewing Machine. Firstly they will start a Tailoring School to train local girls of their respective area, secondly, they will also earn as a tailor and meet the stitching needs of their catchment area and thirdly, they are now also expert of the mechanical aspects of the sewing machines and would be earning as a mechanic of sewing machines of their respective areas.

Spencer Devine of US came forward to provide us the cost of 10 high quality Sewing Machines to ten such marginalized women for economic empowerment. Spencer Devine also agreed to support NEST for monitoring of these micro enterprises for 2 years.

NEST approached USHA International  for their support to help these enterprises. USHA International eventually came forward to train these women on mechanical aspects of the sewing machine and also to train these women on various garments making through cutting and stitching. USHA International also agreed to provide affiliation to these enterprises on their Silai School Program and certify the students trained by these enterpreneures.


Hope to see the families of these women in the Above Poverty Line (APL) category three years down the line with changed economic certainty and standard of living.