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Strengthening Sewing Enterprises

21st June 2015, with an aim to orient the co-coordinators of the USHA Silai project and to strengthen the entire system, a meeting was held in the Jain Mandir Conference hall, Bokakhat with the coordinators from all the districts and two representatives from USHA International Pvt. Ltd. N.E Zone. The prime objective of the meeting: orienting the coordinators, strengthening the communication gap from bottom to the top and promoting entrepreneurs was explained to all the present participants by the Project Coordinator. Followed with a presentation, the Project Manager, presented the status of the silai schools monitored by NEST. With the help of power point he presented the MIS data from all the 90 silai schools within six districts i.e., Bokakhat, Lakhimpur, Dhemaji, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Sivsagar and Nagaon. He gave a detail description of the overall performance of the schools district wise where he mentioned that overall all the districts are performing well except Nagaon District. 

Mr. Hussain, Chairperson of NEST emphasized on promoting more entrepreneurs and personally visiting the silai teachers to collect MIS at least once. The coordinators shared their individual experiences working with the project as they mentioned of the difficulty in motivating teachers at the initial stage with lack of cooperation from the teachers, difficulty in meeting the teachers, etc. The coordinators of the Bokakhat Cluster Silai School mentioned of the performances of the Silai Teachers of their area who are active and giving out the best performances. With regards to the experiences shared by the coordinators Mr. Hussain mentioned that the problems can only be solve through discussion and with the ability to cope with the problems. Project Assistant further presented an analysis report of the 90 silai teachers for the month of May showing the total enrollment of students, course completion detail of the learners and teachers overall earning. Furthermore, Ghanashyam, Project Manager and Shabana, Project Coordinator asked all the coordinators to give accurate and correct data from the fields and on time.



Mr. Achintya Saikia, USHA representative continued the session where he emphasized on MIS collection method and of trouble shooting in the process. Mr. Saikia briefed in detail about Silai School and of the aim which is to generate livelihood and women empowerment. He mentioned that all the coordinator must focus on basic three things while visiting the teachers i.e., display of the signboards, students completing course, and the income generated from the students, from other orders and from repairing the broken machines and to report it back to the concern for further actions. Furthermore he too discussed over the process of data entry in the MIS table and suggested to motivate all the teachers to increase their income level and enrolment of students. Mr. Hussain suggested Mr. Saikia during his presentation regarding some clarifications in the MIS format during the presentation. Mr. Hussain mentioned that in the MIS format there are some unnecessary columns which are not required to be filled up in every month. He suggested few things in the MIS format, like the date of opening of the Silai School, Display of sign board in their place, need not to be mentioned in the MIS every month as it is fixed. Regarding the column for generating awareness and of the students who do not have silai machine, Mr. Hussain suggested that it should not be included in the MIS format as it is a part of survey. It can be necessarily done quarterly or half yearly.

Shabana, Project Coordinator, gave a presentation along with Moni Kutum regarding a planned outreach program with modalities and issues, programmatic and the financial part. She presented in brief of the programme which is a silai training programme in schools to be offered during the semester break/ vacation in the schools and colleges. An outline of the programme as to how to proceed along with the programmatic and financial part was presented. The proposal was appreciated by Monoj Sharma and Achintya however it was suggested to proceed as a pilot project in a nearby college. Mr. Hussain also clarified some doubt of the presentation regarding the costing and gave certain suggestions. Mr. Monoj Sharma, representative from USHA discussed regarding promoting entrepreneurs where he mentioned of the 3F i.e., Fostering ASK (Attitude, Skill, Knowledge), Feedback and Followup and Forum. Further he uphold that the teachers who are active should be encouraged more for better work and also motivate the teachers whose performance is poor. He too appreciated NEST’s growth and the initiatives undertaken and assured full cooperation. Mr. Sharma further mentioned that the problems faced by the coordinators in the field with will sort out and the certificated will be dispatch within a month.