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Awareness camps on Health Issues of Pregnant Women and Children

21st April, 2015: An awareness camp held on Health Related Issues of Pregnant Women and Children in 1No.Bilotia Agandwadi Centre under the Pub Mohura Gaon Panchayat. It was organized for the project called ”Developing Model GPs on Children and Women” where Juri Das, President, Meera Tamuly and Purnima Bora, Resource Person, Anindita Devi Saikia, Field worker of the Pub Mahuar Gaon Panchayat, Adison Cro, Field worker of the Chandra singh Ronghpi Village, Helmina Ahmed, interns along with 25 members were present in the meeting.

The field worker Anindita Devi Saikia introduced the Resource Persons and briefed of the organization NEST (North East Social Trust). Then Mrs Saikia requested Mrs. Juri Das to take the president ship for the meeting and highlighted the objective of the awareness meeting. Meera Tamuly, Resource Person proceeded the meeting with a valuable speech on Health related issues of Pregnant Women and Children. Mrs. Tamuly focuses on maintenance of proper health and care during the pre and post pregnancy period and further gave suggestions with regards to this such as:


  • Intake Iron tablet of every pregnant women.
  • Ensuring nutritious food for all the Pregnant women.
  • Drinking of boil water.
  • Ensuring regular health check up for the pregnant women.
  • Ensuring minimum of two (2) hours of rest daily for the pregnant lady. 
  • Ensuring early registration of the pregnant women in the nearest health centre. 
  • Birth registration of the new born baby in nearest health centre.
  • Ensuring regular immunization for the new born baby.
  • Institutional delivery.
  • Stress on colostrums feeding.
  • Importance of exclusive feeding till six month.
  • Ensuring nutritious food for the pregnant lady.

In this awareness meeting President, Juri Das lay stress on the Mothers role in socialisation of the child since major development of a child takes place during the first two years.

This session was immediately followed by Miss. Purnima Bora, workers of 1No.Bilotia Aganwadi Centre briefed of the various facilities provided by Aganwadi Centres.

Towards the end of the meeting, Field worker, Anindita Devi Saikia gave the vote of thanks to all participants in the awareness camps. Through the programme all the participants gained ample knowledge regarding the pregnant women and child’s health and care which helped the participants to a greater extend.