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Orienting the origin of Panchayati Raj Institutions

March 2015: NEST organised orientation workshop on 8th of March for the upcoming project “Developing Model GP’s on children and Women” in collaboration with UNICEF in Bokakhat Field Office of North East Social Trust. The participants were newly appointed from different Gaon Panchayats. 
The orientation programme was started with a participatory play-way introduction session with the participants. The workers were given an activity where the workers split into 4 groups and make them to identify five major problems in a village along with causes and remedies. The problems that were identified during the process were presented as the lack of Education, communication, potable water, health and the causes identified were illiteracy, poverty, lack of awareness etc. 
The orientation was facilitated by Chairperson of NEST and provided a comprehensive understanding of the basics of development, the existing inequality on urban and rural, connected and isolated, literate and illiterate, high caste and low caste, male and female, rich and poor etc. Further the cycle of deprivation and various existing approaches of breaking the cycle of deprivation were also briefly highlighted.
The historical background of the Panchayat as to how it came into existence and of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act and their four tier government in Centre, State, District and Village level were another point of discussion. It was also discussed about the remarkable changes where various issues including the Panchayati raj system such as democratic decentralization, mandatory reservation for weaker sections, devolution of 11th schedule with 3Fs (Fund, Function and Functionaries) etc were highlighted. Furthermore the whole composition of the Panchayat system from the Gaon Panchayat was explained.
Hence through the session the participants gained ample opportunities to gather knowledge of development and Panchayti Raj system which helped the participants to a greater extend.