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Craft Workshop in NEST

October 2014: NEST has organized a Craft Workshop on 15th to 17th of October 2014.The workshop held in the NEST training hall, Bokakhat.  Participants of the workshop came from three different villages namely Dhuba Ati, Durgapur and Aamtenga of Golaghat District of Assam. The

The weavers who has been practicing weaving in the Design development centre last couple of months also participated in this workshop. NEST has invited Mr. Binandra Kalita a renowned craft trainer; who has been working last 15 years in the North Eastern states of India.

In this workshop artisans are motivated to enhance their capacity by the use of flying shuttle against their traditional through-shuttle system. The use of flying shuttle could enhance efficiency of production phenomenally. The training was also attempted to deal with the problem of the artisans here on preparing the length of yarn to upload in the loom. Traditionally, artisans require couple of helping hands a big courtyard along with a clean sky for this.

Hence, in the rainy season, preparing the yarns for the loom is a highly risky work. However, now the warping drums are new solution to this problem. It helps artisans to do this difficult work indoor and also with lesser amount of helping hands and time.

The three-day long workshop ended by equipping these artisans to produce faster than what they used to do and also to continue thier income during reany seasons.