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Assembly Election Watch

The Assembly Election of Assam took place in two Phases. The first phase of election took place on 4th of April and the second phase of Election took place on 11th April.

North East Social Trust (NEST), a partner of National Election Watch (NEW), conducted series of activities in the State for opinion building on the Electoral Reforms, and awareness generation among the citizens of the state on the credentials of contesting candidates of the state. Various civil society organisations of the state collaborated in the venture and ADR, New Delhi, supported the initiatives.

On 17th of February 2011, a press conference was organized in Guwahati Press Club where the credentials of the sitting MLAs are publicized.

On 26th of February 2011, a press conference was organized in Hotel Brahmaputra Ashoka, Guwahati where the analysis of candidates contesting the 1st Phase of Election was released to the press.

In subsequent days, analysis of Education, Income tax return, PAN details and the analysis of Assets growth of the re-contesting candidates are publicized through Press releases.

On 2nd of March a Press Conference was organized to present the status and performance of MGNREGA in Assam

For the 2nd phase of election in the state, an analysis of the court affidavits were carried out. The Assets and criminal record of the candidates are published for the voters on 5th April through a Press conference organized in Guwahati Press Club.

The Educational Background, Income Tax return and PAN details are published for the benefit of the voters through press releases which were widely covered by all the media houses of the state.