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Handholding support to Kakodunga BEWRF for better governance

On 4th of April 2010, a meeting was organized for the Block Elected Women Representatives’ Forum (BEWRF)  of Kakodonga Block. It was organized in Dergaon Sahitaya Sabha Bhawan where  participants from different Gaon Panchayats come together to discuss about possible handholding support to the Gram Panchayats under the Anchalik Panchayat. The meeting was moderated by Tasaduk Ariful Hussain, Executive Director of NEST. He expressed the support of the Foundation for Social Transformation (FST) and requested the participants to identify three GPs within the Anchalik Panchayat where the handholding support could be provided.

Three GPs headed by women presidents are identified for the purpose, namely:-
1.    Neghariting Gaon Panchayat headed by Ms. Rupali Rabi Das,
2.    Baruabamun Gaon GP headed by Ms. Niru Gogoi and
3.    Uttar Pachim Kakodunga GP headed by Ms. Manju Barua.

However, the Elected Women Representatives (EWR) of other Panchayats claimed that they should also be included in the support process. It was decided that the EWRs of Shital Pathar GP and Pub Brahmaputra GP will be participating in the meetings organized for Neghariting, Similarly the EWRs of Dergaon will be joining with Baruabamun Gaon GP and EWRs of Dakhin Pub Kakodonga will be joining with Uttar Pachim Kakodunga GP. This satisfies all the EWRs of the 7 GPs of the Anchalik Panchayat.

In this meeting it is decided that handholding supports will be given to ensure hundred percent food security, literacy, health and employment in these Panchayats. The first round of meeting was planned for the each Panchayats.

It was also decided in this meeting that Ms. Mina Kumari Das, ZPC from the AP and Ms. Rupali Rabi Das, President of Neghariting GP will be facilitated to participate the National Convention of EWRs on Women Empowerment Day Celebration in New Delhi.


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