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Orientation workshop on Public Distribution System in BTAD areas

NEST is initiating a research work in 4 Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) districts of Assam to enhance its understanding on the public distribution system (PDS) supported by the Indo Global Social Services Society (IGSSS). Volunteers from these districts gathered in Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra, Guwahati and participated on an orientation workshop from 11th to 13th March 2010.

The three days workshop on Public Distribution System is designed in two sessions each. The workshop begins with the registration procedure of the participants. With a warm welcome and introduction by Ms. Shayesta Parween, Research Associate of NEST, the objectives and the ground rules of the workshop was set. The political, social, economic and administrative background of the target community has been made clear in a participatory basis. The second session of the day emphasized on research methodology to be adopted for such a social development research.

The first session of the second day is quite exciting and knowledge based. The day begins with sharing of the firsthand experiences of a fare price shop owner Mr. Prafulla Sarma of Darang District. A Masters in English by education Mr. Sarma was very articulate, frank and honest on explaining his experiences as a fare price shop owner. Two distinguished officials from FCI, Guwhati joined the session as resource persons and brought out various facts and figures with utmost astonishments to the participants. Ms. Rekamoni Hazarika, an experienced erstwhile team member of NEST joined the later part of the day to share her experiences of conducting various social research programs in the past and cautioned the participants what to expect and what not in the process of such social research work.

The third and the final day of the training bring forth the report of the previous day. Each member of the team has put in front their respective points to finalize the questionnaire for the research on the public distribution system. Whereas the second session of the day,  just after lunch, mock exercise of data gathering helped the trainees to use different tools in a imaginary field of investigation situation. The training program is ended up with the feedback of the participants and the consolidated speech followed NEST team members.