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NEST Executive Body

On 31st August 2015 the new Executive Committee has taken charge of NEST. The executive committee will be responsible for implementation of all the decisions made by the Board of Trustees of the organisation. The Executive Committee will be reporting to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees in a regular basis. The Five member executive committee of NEST is as follows:

Ghanashyam Ozah

Born and brought-up in Majuli river island, Ghanashyam was inspired by the social activism of Sanjoy Ghose in his early age. He dreamt of a social worker for his future.  He was graduated from Pub Majuli College in Arts before completing his Masters in Sociology from Dibrugarh University.

Immediately after his Masters, he was teaching Sociology in Jengraimukh College and eventually he joined NEST to pursue his dream to social activism. He has a keen desire to work with the common people through participatory non profit mood.  He believes that if there is a will there is always a way to achieve the things that we want in life.

Anobika Saikia:

Anobika is leading the initiatives of Governance cell of NEST.  She grew up in Atilia Gaon of Jorhat in Assam and completed her Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Bosco Institute, Jorhat.  Anobika gathered her social work experiences working with ‘Prantakatha’, a distinguished voluntary organisation of Kolkata, where she had the opportunity to understand the issues of red light areas of Kolkata like Kalighat, Sonagachi and Bowbazar. She worked with the youth of these red light areas.

Presently, as the Project Coordinator of the Governance projects, Anobika is trying to bring about a change in the life of women and children of the society through active involvement of local governance institutions like Panchayats.  Anobika passes her leisure time listening to music.

Kakali Baruah:

Kakali completed her Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Dibrugarh University before joining NEST.  At present she is working in a village near Kaziranga National Park to transform Satria classical cultural form in to an income generating avenue for a certain section of the communities.

Kakali is also trying to promote traditional craft and traditional food of diverse Assamese communities as livelihood option of different families in these areas. Kakali has a beautiful voice and she loves singing.

Pinku Das:

Pinku is responsible for the finance and accounts of NEST. After completing his Bachelors in Commerce, he helped his brother on Auto mechanical business.

Pinku is also and sports man and spends his free time playing cricket. He believes that a helping hand is a great and strong support for people who are in need.

Rosemary Kispotta:

Rosemary is working as a field coordinator of Livelihood projects of NEST. She did her schooling in Carmel School of Jorhat, Assam and graduated from JB College of Jorhat.  At present Rosemary is also pursuing her Masters in Social Work from Bosco Institute, Jorhat. 

She has interest in reading novels. Rosemary believes that whatever happens in life good or bad there is always a positive side of it, it’s only a matter of positive thinking.