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Abdul Matin Memorial Academy (AMMA) is an initiative of NEST to improve the elementary educational status of the communities of Dighalipam and neighboring villages of Golaghat District, Assam. The children of the locality are out of elementary education basically because of poverty and lack of awareness on the need of education. AMMA is committed to provide English medium education to those children of the locality.

Generally, children of the well to do families have the opportunity to get the English medium education while poor and marginal families’ children do not get this opportunity. AMMA provides English medium education to the poor and marginalized children of the society to challenge the process of dividing children of the society on the basis of their social and economic status.


Aims and Objectives of AMMA

  • To provide quality English medium education to the children of poor and backward families of Dighalipam and surrounding villages.
  • To support mental, physical and spiritual growth of children with due emphasis on discipline, sincerity and determination.
  • To ensure holistic development of the children to be a concerned citizen of the country
  • To support those children who are dropouts or are studying in some other school with difficulties in some specific subjects
  • To provide education with lowest minimum cost so that the poorest could afford to have education here.


Few specialties of AMMA:

  • The Academy gives topmost priority to the poorest of the poor and the children of most backward families
  • Time schedule of the academy is made such a way so that the school-dropouts and the children with academic difficulties could attend the classes
  • Apart from achieving the learning objectives of each class, AMMA is committed to three following co-curriculum activities

  1. Cultural training on – traditional  dance, songs, folklores and drama forms
  2. Sports training on the low cost games and sports that are included in Olympic like high jump, hope-step jumps, discuss throw, javelin throw, kabaddi, kho-kho etc.
  3. Social activities including social research, campaign on various social development issues for creating awareness


Assam Capsule Project from SPENCER DEVINE on Vimeo.