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Assamese craft is unique in its form and style. The Assamese have been craftsmen to the core from time immemorial. The magic of Assamese art has always been attracting people coming from other parts of the globe. This magic of art of Assamese lies with its age old simplicity and sophistication. The natural beauty of Assam is invariably reflected in the art and craft forms. Assam has been and still is, maintaining a rich tradition of various traditional crafts for centuries together. Though basically Assam is known for her silk dresses, she is rich in other forms of arts and craftsmen like cane and bamboo craft, bell metal and brass craft, silk and cotton weaving, toy and mask making, pottery and terracotta work, wood craft, jewellery making, musical instruments making, etc. There was a glorious historical period when Assam also excelled in making boats, traditional guns and gunpowder, colours and paints, articles of lac, traditional building materials, utilities from iron, etc.

NEST is trying from its inception to promote these traditional skills of the communities of Assam as an alternative livelihood option and an avenue for incremental income in the rural areas.