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Media is fast losing its relevance

“Media of Assam is  fast losing its relevance”  Mrinal Talukder, a senior journalist of Assam said in the workshop on Grassroots  Journalism and Governance,  Organized by NEST Supported by The Hunger Project on 30th May 2009 in Sri Sri Tuwakanta Natya Moncha, Koronga, Jorhat District, Assam. The ever decreasing credibility of various newspapers and TV channels among the mass people of the state is of major concern to the media as a whole, he added.

Total 33 numbers of Rural Journalists of Jorhat District gathered in this workshop to discuss various issues of their concern on the rural reporting. Nava Thakuria, Secretary of Guwahati Press Club, suggested the rural journalists to be vigilant and not to mix the literary writing with the journalistic writing. He expressed his concern of harming both the sector of literature and news due to mixing in the present trend of media in Assam.

Tasaduk Ariful Hussain, Executive Director of NEST urged the participants in his speech to write on the issues of positive changes that the women elected representatives of Panchayats are bringing into the rural Assam. He also informed the Journalists about the Sarojini Naidu Prize and invited them to participate in it.